Fall Tree Care Check List 2017

Fall Tree Care Checklist 2017

1.) Fall preparation:

With a sweltering summer and chilly winter, trees will undoubtedly lose essential supplements in the dirt. To help ensure your trees pick up supplements lost this mid year and keep on feeding over the winter, apply an ease back discharge manure to supplant supplements and enhance protection from harm from infection, creepy crawlies and distressing climate.

2.) Hearty hydration:

Fall is the season to give your trees a healthy swallow of water before the winter months strike. To ensure they are very much hydrated all through the solidifying winter, extinguish your trees’ foundations.

Subsurface watering is a productive approach to achieve the tree’s foundations. Utilizing an infusion test, water is disseminated all through the main 12 creeps of soil—the zone your trees require water the most. The subsurface watering technique is perfect for trees and bushes without water system frameworks, recently planted trees and trees that need brief alleviation from dry spell push.

3.) Timely planting:

A few trees shed their leaves in pre-winter and grow new life in the spring, however fall is really the helpful time to plant new trees. Since temperatures are substantially cooler and there is significantly less possibility of worry from sun sear, dry spell or to a great degree high temperatures, recently planted trees find the opportunity to manufacture pull mass and get ready for winter lethargy this season.

4.) Equip for the winter:

You know winter will touch base after fall, so begin getting ready now for the snow, ice and chilly temperatures. Any kind of extraordinary climate condition may represent a higher danger of worry for your trees, so link, support and prune them before the snow and ice hit. In the event that your tree has debilitated or has broken or decaying branches, it may not be sufficiently solid to withstand the additional weight of a substantial snowfall or ice storm. Pruning in fall can be less demanding in light of the fact that most trees have practically zero leaves, uncovering the structure underneath.

Spring Tree Care Checklist!

What should I do for spring tree maintenance?

After one of the coldest winters on record, spring can’t come fast enough! This might mean a late start for some of us when it comers to getting our yards ready for the warmer seasons. Getting your trees ready to bloom can be as simple as fertilization and can be an in depth process involving locating and removing dead branches as well as general pruning. Alpha Tree Care has you covered with this quick checklist to make sure your property looks its best when the sun comes out!

  • VISUAL TREE INSPECTIONS– Start off with walking around your property and just look up. Look for large broken branches that might not have fallen yet. Also, keep an eye out for branches that have grown in a way that puts added pressure on branches below. Trees with a history of poor pruning practices can lead to strange growth patterns which can lead to branches resting on other branches we can cause problems down the road. Sometimes it’s hard to see these problems if the tree is very large. Look for bright woody areas where the branch snapped off.
  • PRUNE YOUR TREE– Once you’ve identified problem areas, it’s time to cut them back. Alpha Tree Care, LLC does NOT recommend someone who is untrained to perform this type of maintenance. The job is inherently dangerous, unless the branch or branches are small. Calling a crew with the proper equipment can save someone from personal injury as well as further damaging the tree or even your home. Pruning the tree while there are no leaves growing can make the job much easier as well.
  • PLANT NEW TREES– Spring is a great time to plant new trees. Talk to an expert about which trees will do well on your property. When the weather starts to warm up it will give your new tree a boost in energy to really help it to get on its way. For kids and grandkids, planting a tree can be a very educational experience.
  • FERTILIZE– Its recommended to fertilize in fall to help give your tree the energy to stay strong during the cold months. Now that it’s spring most of those nutrients are used up and it’s time to give your tree another fertilization. This will also help defend your trees and shrubs from disease. There are plenty of all natural fertilizers on the market. Make sure you find one for your specific plant and make sire to not OVER fertilize, which can harm a plant very quickly and cannot be undone.
  • Tree Service in Camas, WA and Vancouver, WA

    Alpha Tree Care, LLC cares about trees. We are your local expert when it comes to tree removal, tree care, and general tree services. Do not try to remove large branches from your trees this spring, have us do the crazy stuff for you while you watch!

Post Snow Storm Activity!

tree removal Vancouver WA

Recent tree removal in Vancouver and Camas, WA

Tree Removal in Vancouver, Wa and Camas Washington from Alpha Tree Care, LLCOur crew at Alpha Tree Care, LLC have been busy removing or trimming/pruning damaged trees from the recent snow storm. The weight and moisture of snow can really magnify and problem trees you have on your property. What can also happen is a tree could be severely compromised after a storm, but not show and obvious signs. This is where a professional service can come in and make sure your trees are safe from falling.
Another thing that can happen, is the weight of snow breaking large branches of the main trunk but not falling to the ground and getting caught high up in the tree. This can pose obvious problems as it puts pressure on live branches but also from falling out at a later time. If you catch something like this, call a professional to remove the branch.

Now Serving Camas, WA From Our New Lcoation

We now have a home base in Camas as well as Vancouver, WA. This allows us to access areas in Skamania County and cities like Stevenson, WA faster. We also are still offering our 24 hours emergency tree removal in case you get surprised in the middle of the night. We have had an uptick of these types of calls lately due to the recent storm activity and everyone was glad to receive a quick call back!

Harardous Tree Removal

Here’s an example of a hazardous tree that had to be removed after the storm. Alpha Tree Care, LLC has years of experience removing trees near homes and buildings.

Fall Tree Care Checklist!

Fall Tree Care from Alpha Tree Care, LLC in Vancouver, WA and Stevenson, WA

Fall Tree Maintenance!

Fall Tree Care from Alpha Tree Care, LLC in Vancouver, WA and Camas, WAWith the changing of Summer to Fall, our trees change too. Before the leaves fall and after the rain starts, trees take on added weight. The combination of summer foliage growth and new wet and windy weather can catch homeowners off guard. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the season change when it comes to your trees!

  1. MULCH: Fall is a great time to mulch, for young trees as well as more established trees. When younger trees are outfitted with a mulch ring growth rates can exceed 20% over normal. This is because when employed correctly, a mulch ring keeps turf from growing up to the trunk, keeping down competition. Wood chip mulch is a great option for conserving moisture, weed control, and keeping down foot traffic helping to avoid soil compaction. It’s important not to pile mulch up against the trunk as it it create a home for voles and other rodent to at the bark as well as cause mold.
  2. PRUNE / LIGHTLY TRIM: Any time of year is fine for trimming, even early fall. It’s important to  keep an eye out for dead branches that could fall in wet and windy conditions. Although it’s ok the trim these’s types problem branches, it’s not advised to perform major structural cuts as they could cause rotting or mold.
  3. FALL / WINTER WATERING: Trees, especially young trees, need water during dry spells during cold months too. High desert areas might not get as much as rain as in the valley and it’s important to give your trees enough water if this happens. Although usually unlikely that a winter dry spell would kill an established tree, young saplings are especially susceptible to a reduction in water.
  4. PLANT TREES IN FALL: New trees do very well when planted in the fall. The colder months encourage root growth. It’s important to keep in mind that this is only true for burlapped and balled trees. Once roots have began to establish themselves in the cold months, the spring and summer months will bring rapid top growth.  If you have bare root transplants, it’s optimal to plant those later in he season when roots are completely dormant.

Douglas Fir Interactive Learning Game!

Tree Care and Tree Removal in Vancouver, WA and Camas, WA


Tree Education For The Kids!

We begin our series of fun interactive pages to educate the young ones about trees in their back yard. It’s important these days more than ever that kids get interested in the outdoors and to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility when it comes to their environment. Plant recognition skills will get your young ones more interested in leaving the couch.