Fall Tree Care from Alpha Tree Care, LLC in Vancouver, WA and Stevenson, WA

Fall Tree Maintenance!

Fall Tree Care from Alpha Tree Care, LLC in Vancouver, WA and Camas, WAWith the changing of Summer to Fall, our trees change too. Before the leaves fall and after the rain starts, trees take on added weight. The combination of summer foliage growth and new wet and windy weather can catch homeowners off guard. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the season change when it comes to your trees!

  1. MULCH: Fall is a great time to mulch, for young trees as well as more established trees. When younger trees are outfitted with a mulch ring growth rates can exceed 20% over normal. This is because when employed correctly, a mulch ring keeps turf from growing up to the trunk, keeping down competition. Wood chip mulch is a great option for conserving moisture, weed control, and keeping down foot traffic helping to avoid soil compaction. It’s important not to pile mulch up against the trunk as it it create a home for voles and other rodent to at the bark as well as cause mold.
  2. PRUNE / LIGHTLY TRIM: Any time of year is fine for trimming, even early fall. It’s important to  keep an eye out for dead branches that could fall in wet and windy conditions. Although it’s ok the trim these’s types problem branches, it’s not advised to perform major structural cuts as they could cause rotting or mold.
  3. FALL / WINTER WATERING: Trees, especially young trees, need water during dry spells during cold months too. High desert areas might not get as much as rain as in the valley and it’s important to give your trees enough water if this happens. Although usually unlikely that a winter dry spell would kill an established tree, young saplings are especially susceptible to a reduction in water.
  4. PLANT TREES IN FALL: New trees do very well when planted in the fall. The colder months encourage root growth. It’s important to keep in mind that this is only true for burlapped and balled trees. Once roots have began to establish themselves in the cold months, the spring and summer months will bring rapid top growth.  If you have bare root transplants, it’s optimal to plant those later in he season when roots are completely dormant.

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