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Recent tree removal in Vancouver and Camas, WA

Tree Removal in Vancouver, Wa and Camas Washington from Alpha Tree Care, LLCOur crew at Alpha Tree Care, LLC have been busy removing or trimming/pruning damaged trees from the recent snow storm. The weight and moisture of snow can really magnify and problem trees you have on your property. What can also happen is a tree could be severely compromised after a storm, but not show and obvious signs. This is where a professional service can come in and make sure your trees are safe from falling.
Another thing that can happen, is the weight of snow breaking large branches of the main trunk but not falling to the ground and getting caught high up in the tree. This can pose obvious problems as it puts pressure on live branches but also from falling out at a later time. If you catch something like this, call a professional to remove the branch.

Now Serving Camas, WA From Our New Lcoation

We now have a home base in Camas as well as Vancouver, WA. This allows us to access areas in Skamania County and cities like Stevenson, WA faster. We also are still offering our 24 hours emergency tree removal in case you get surprised in the middle of the night. We have had an uptick of these types of calls lately due to the recent storm activity and everyone was glad to receive a quick call back!

Harardous Tree Removal

Here’s an example of a hazardous tree that had to be removed after the storm. Alpha Tree Care, LLC has years of experience removing trees near homes and buildings.

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