What should I do for spring tree maintenance?

After one of the coldest winters on record, spring can’t come fast enough! This might mean a late start for some of us when it comers to getting our yards ready for the warmer seasons. Getting your trees ready to bloom can be as simple as fertilization and can be an in depth process involving locating and removing dead branches as well as general pruning. Alpha Tree Care has you covered with this quick checklist to make sure your property looks its best when the sun comes out!

  • VISUAL TREE INSPECTIONS– Start off with walking around your property and just look up. Look for large broken branches that might not have fallen yet. Also, keep an eye out for branches that have grown in a way that puts added pressure on branches below. Trees with a history of poor pruning practices can lead to strange growth patterns which can lead to branches resting on other branches we can cause problems down the road. Sometimes it’s hard to see these problems if the tree is very large. Look for bright woody areas where the branch snapped off.
  • PRUNE YOUR TREE– Once you’ve identified problem areas, it’s time to cut them back. Alpha Tree Care, LLC does NOT recommend someone who is untrained to perform this type of maintenance. The job is inherently dangerous, unless the branch or branches are small. Calling a crew with the proper equipment can save someone from personal injury as well as further damaging the tree or even your home. Pruning the tree while there are no leaves growing can make the job much easier as well.
  • PLANT NEW TREES– Spring is a great time to plant new trees. Talk to an expert about which trees will do well on your property. When the weather starts to warm up it will give your new tree a boost in energy to really help it to get on its way. For kids and grandkids, planting a tree can be a very educational experience.
  • FERTILIZE– Its recommended to fertilize in fall to help give your tree the energy to stay strong during the cold months. Now that it’s spring most of those nutrients are used up and it’s time to give your tree another fertilization. This will also help defend your trees and shrubs from disease. There are plenty of all natural fertilizers on the market. Make sure you find one for your specific plant and make sire to not OVER fertilize, which can harm a plant very quickly and cannot be undone.
  • Tree Service in Camas, WA and Vancouver, WA

    Alpha Tree Care, LLC cares about trees. We are your local expert when it comes to tree removal, tree care, and general tree services. Do not try to remove large branches from your trees this spring, have us do the crazy stuff for you while you watch!

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