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Blackberry Clearing

Blackberries are delicious but invasive. With no natural enemies in the Pacific Northwest it’s easy for them to spread quickly. On top of that they are hard to destroy due to the thickness in which they grow and the tenacity with which they return. We can help you today with blackberry removal.

Why Poisons and Other Methods Don’t Work For Blackberry Cleanup

Blackberry bushes grow very rapidly and have extremely hardy root systems. On bigger brambles, it would take more poison than would be safe to kill the bushes and would harm all of the surrounding plant life. Even if the poison or chemicals did kill the bushes, they would most likely return the next season. Also, blackberry clearing is very dangerous work because of the plants natural defense systems including thick growing patterns and stickers.

Local Blackberry Removal Services Done right

We have the tools and machinery to remove your blackberry bushes and other overgrowth. We’ll do our best to make sure they do not return next season and that your property’s integrity is maintained throughout the process. We make sure to dig down deep once the surface bushes are removed. Destroying the roots below the earth’s surface makes it very hard for them to return the next season.