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Are you stumped? Let Alpha Tree Care, LLC remove it today. You’ve had a tree removed, now what? Stump removal can be a great option if your goal is to remove any evidence of a tree being there. Flattening a patch of land for new grass or ground cover after removing a tree is a situation where stump removal would need to happen. We have the tools, machinery, and experience needed to remove even the largest tree stumps. Safety is our number one concern as well as keeping your property unharmed through out the process.

A Local Professional With 10 Years Experience in Stump Grinding

It’s important to hire someone with experience in stump grinding because it not only requires the technician to understand the safety concerns of operating the machine, but also other concerns such as maintaining the integrity of your property and knowing how to locate underground plumbing pipes and electrical conduits. The job can become complicated very quickly if you hire someone who doesn’t have the experience to know how to avoid causing damage to your homes infrastructure.

Would I Benefit From Stump Removal?

It depends on what your goal is. There are many different reason people choose to remove a stump from there property, including:
  • Flatten a piece of property for new grass or groundcover
  • In the way of a new outbuilding or shed on your propety
  • When installing a sprinkler system
  • Pouring foundation for a new home or business
  • To prevent regrowth
  • It’s very large and generally in the way
  • You keep tripping over it!
Whatever the reason is, Alpha Tree Care, LLC can get the job done quickly and permanently, call us today!

DIY Stump Removal: Not Smart

There are many methods to remove the stump yourself, all of which are inherently unsafe for you and your property. These methods might be hooking it up to your truck or SUV and pulling it out. This is probably the most dangerous method of amateur stump removal as it can cause damage the the fram of your vehicle and also send chunks or tree flying through the air. Another common way people attempt to remove a stump is through drilling and poison. This never works. Usually the stump remains after many applications, or it will take months for the poison to take and even if it does your left to remove the chunks your self and the stump is still underground beneath the surface. Some people even try chainsawing the stump out. This is also very dangerous because you are sending the chainsaw through the top of the grain, causing the chainsaw to bounce up in an unpredictable manner.