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Residential and Commercial Tree Trimming

We have been providing tree care in Vancouver, WA and surrounding cities since 2004. It’s those years of experience that help us know how to provide a quick, clean, and safe service. Safety is always our number one concern as it’s key to our success! Tree care is inherently dangerous, we take every safety precaution needed to insure your property is in good hands, as well as our crew.

Tree Branch Removal

It’s important perform preventive maintenance on the trees on your property to prevent damage to your home belongings. Alpha Tree Care, LLC offers a wide variety of tree care services. Whether is a a property you own, or a commercial property, we are able to maintain with expert tree care. Our services include:
  • Trimming
  • Pruning
  • Tree Topping

Expert Tree Pruning

It’s important to remember that performing your own tree trimming is very dangerous. Depending on how heavy the branch is, if there are other branches it may be supporting, a branch removal can be very unpredictable. It’s important to leave the dangerous work to a professional. We spend all day in in trees and know what to expect from being in many different situations high above the ground.

Tree Maintenance Experts

It’s important to not wait for inclement weather to trim your trees for you! As the weather turns colder and windier, your old trees or over burdened branches can break off and damage your property. That is why prevention is important. It’s better to take care of a dead branch or tree before the weather does!

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We are the local professionals you are looking for. Whether it’s tree a basic tree pruning and more complete tree maintenance, we can help you today. We have a quick bid process and can have your job complete within 5 business days. We are waiting to hear from you, get started today!